Doughnuts for a 5 year old Foodie
  1. Chocolate Sauce/syrup for serving
  2. Mix the Flour, yeast, sugar and essence in a mixing bowl. Gradually add the milk and knead into a soft dough. (Add the milk carefully and adjust the quantity so that the dough doesnu2019t get too soft)
  3. Add the butter and knead it again for 2-3 minutes
  4. Cover the dough with a wet kitchen towel and allow it to proof till it doubles in size. (~15-20 mins)
  5. Press the dough lightly to remove the air
  6. Roll out the dough into a sheet of 6 mm. (1/4″) thickness
  7. Cut out circles with a cookie cutter (~3u201d diameter) and using a small cookie cutter cutn out the centre portion of each circle to make a hole in the centre.
  8. Roll out the leftover dough and repeat above steps.
  9. Cover with a wet kitchen towel till the doughnuts double in volume again (~ 5 – 10 mins.) (I placed the doughnuts on a butter paper and then left them to double up so that they were easy to lift)
  10. Heat oil in a wok .
  11. Carefully insert each doughnut in the oil and fry on medium heat till golden brown.
  12. Drain on some adsorbent paper.
  13. Place on a serving plate and dust with powdered sugar.
  14. Drizzle Chocolate sauce/ melted Chocolate over the Doughnuts and serve.
Recipe Notes