Beetroot Cabbage curry

Beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables. The glamorous red colour is very tempting and so is its sweet taste. I add some pieces of beetroot wherever a little glamour is required to any dish! Like when I make tomato soup I add a few pieces of beetroot -The result is a wonderful red colored tomato soup, which  will give all the synthetic colours a run for their money.

On a different note, I even made beetroot water for my son to celebrate this years Holi-his first Holi. A Natural and healthy way to enjoy the festival of colours!

Indira has blogged about this unusual recipe with beetroot :Cabbage, Beetroot and Redbeans Curry . I love most of Indira’s recipes for they are unusual, at the same time very simple and nutritious.

I liked this recipe for two reasons ;One-The recipe includes cabbage too. I was bored of making the same old curries with cabbage and two-My husband is not very fond of  beetroot by itself . But he loved this curry .Thanks Indira for that.

Beetroot Cabbage curry

I have almost followed the original recipe with a few changes. I have used usual white cabbage instead of the purple/red cabbage that Indira used and brown Chana /gram (Harbara) instead of Red beans.

The result was a delicious ‘ruby red’-as Indira says and a nutritious curry.

Beetroot Cabbage curry
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