Bhakri (Flat bread made from Sorghum/White Millet flour).

I might sound like a grandmother when I say that the art of making Bhakri is disappearing with the new generation.

I learnt making Bhakri from my mom when I was still in college. I was made to learn! My Mom would ask me to make atleast 1 Bhakri whenever we had Bhakri -mostly for dinner. That time I was not quite happy about it. Now I realise that it was part of my culinary training. Thank God for that!

Jowar Bhakri is nutritious and high in protein content. It is also very easy to digest. Doctors and nutritionists now-a-days recommend Bhakri to be included in your diet. All the more reason for you to learn to make them!!!

Bhakri (Flat bread made from Sorghum/White Millet flour).

To make 3-4 Jowar Bhakris you need

3 cups Fresh Jowar Flour. (The flour has to be very fresh or else the Bhakri will crack and won’t be soft. Also the flour if stored for a long time, turns bitter)

Salt as per taste(Optional)

Water to knead.

Make your first Bhakri like this:

Make dough for one Bhakri at a time.Don't knead the entire dough.So for your first Bhakri take about a cup of Jowar flour and add salt to it. (Salt is optional).

Gradually add water and knead it into a soft pliable dough. This process of kneading the dough is quite important. Bhakris will be soft if the dough is well knead.So using your hand and knuckles knead it nicely for 8-10 minutes.

Take a golf sized round ball from the dough and flatten it with both your hands.

Bhakri (Flat bread made from Sorghum/White Millet flour).
Bhakri (Flat bread made from Sorghum/White Millet flour).

On a flat surface sprinkle some dry jowar flour, keep the flat ball on it, apply some Jowar flour to your hand and with the palm of your hand spread the dough into a thin circle. Take care that the dough does not stick at the bottom and should move freely with your hands.

Carefully lift this dough with both your hands and place it on a hot iron griddle (tava).

Bhakri (Flat bread made from Sorghum/White Millet flour).

Spread a little water with your hands on the surface of the Bhakri and then turn the Bhakri to the other side. Cook on high flame till some brown spots appear on the lower surface of the Bhakri.

Remove it from the tava , turn it upside down and gently put it directly on the flame.It should blow like a balloon.

Bhakri (Flat bread made from Sorghum/White Millet flour).

Remove from flame and serve hot.

Bhakri (Flat bread made from Sorghum/White Millet flour).

Add more dry jowar flour to the remaining kneaded dough and knead well. Repeat the above procedure to make another Bhakri.Once you have mastered the art of making Bhakri,you can save time by kneading the dough for the next Bhari while still roasting the first !

Serve hot - Hot Bhakri topped with some homemade butter …..mmmmmm : )

For variation Bajra or even Rice flour can be used to make Bhakri.

Bhakri is usually served with Pithla (Curry made from gram flour), Thecha (spicy green and garlic chilly chutney) or any leafy green vegetable.

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