Weekend Breakfast Blogging (WBB#13)-July

This July Weekend Breakfast Blogging (WBB) has come blog hopping to My Foodcourt.

This immensely popular event is a brainchild of our favourite Doc, Dr.Nandita Iyer of Saffron Trail (for those of you who don’t know this yet).Nandita, I am absolutely delighted, that I got this opportunity to host this event (my debut as an event host), thank you.

Weekend Breakfast Blogging (WBB#13)-July

                                                                   WBB#13 -Oats

This month let us propagate the goodness of Oats with WBB.Yes that’s our theme for Weekend Breakfast Blogging (WBB#13) for July - Oats.

Oatsfor breakfast is my latest health food Fad. A bowl of quick oats porridge with some raisins and nuts or a bowl of Muesli makes for a wholesome breakfast- to kick start a long day ahead.

Inspite of the well-known health benefits of these Nutraceuticals, Oats do not enjoy much popularity with ‘hardcore Indian palates (like mine.)’ It took some time for me to become fond of this nutty flavored ‘super grain’ – due to its gooey texture (when cooked) and a comparatively bland taste.

The health benefits of Oats are too many to be ignored. I want you all to come up with some lip-smacking recipes, so that each one of us is tempted to include these 'wonder grains' in our regular breakfast.

Weekend Breakfast Blogging (WBB#13)-July

                                Quick cooking Oats

You may use Oats in any form – Whole Oats/Oats groats, Oat bran, Steel cut/Irish Oats, Rolled Oats/Old fashioned oats, Quick Oats ,Oat Flour..anything (Pls.let me know if there are any other varieties of Oats)

If you would like to share any other information related to Oats –health benefits, cooking tips, photos of the different varieties etc..you are most welcome.

Most of you are already aware of the WBB rules. For those of you who are new to this event here are the rules:

1. Prepare any recipe featuring Oats, servable for breakfast.

2. Post the recipe on your Blog before 25th July 2007.

3. Mail me the link to your post, your blog name and the URL to your blog and a photo (518 x 388 pixels) of your entry at:

[email protected] ([email protected])

4. I will do the roundup by 31st July.

5. Non-bloggers -you are welcome to participate. Just mail me your recipe, photo and any other information and I will gladly publish it for you on my blog.

I have created a Logo specially for WBB#13 Oats. Please feel free to use it on your blog with your entries.

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