Thecha (Green Chilli -Garlic Chutney)

T has to be for Thecha- a must try for any chilli enthusiast.

Fiery Hivya Mirchicha Thecha (Green Chilli- garlic chutney) is enough to spice up any meal.

Thecha (Green Chilli -Garlic Chutney)

Bhakri with Thecha for this weeks A to Z of Indian Vegetables hosted by Nupur at One Hot Stove

Spicy green chillies are pounded (Thecha means to crush or pound in Marathi) together with lots of garlic and some roasted peanuts in a mortar and pestle (only) to make this much loved irresistible Chutney-Thecha.

_________________________________________________________Thecha recipe



8-9 green chillies, de-stemmed and washed.

8-9 cloves garlic peeled

A handful of peanuts roasted and skins removed

Rock salt as per taste (or common salt/table salt)

1 tsp Oil

Heat a tsp of oil in an Iron skillet/Tava. Add the green chillies and garlic and roast evenly till you see brown-black spots on them.

Thecha (Green Chilli -Garlic Chutney)

Let it cool.Lightly Pound the roasted green chillies and garlic together with the peanuts and some rock salt. (Optionally you can use table salt)

Thecha (Green Chilli -Garlic Chutney)

Iron Mortar pestle-we call it Khal-batta for pounding Thecha. A wooden Mortar pestle can also be used.

Serve with Bhakri or Roti.

Thecha (Green Chilli -Garlic Chutney)

Note: Shelf life of Thecha is about 1 week if refrigerated.

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